We serve not only one industry but a variety of industries. ELIPO will help automate vendor invoices to make the life of your AP team much easier

Financial Services

The AP function in the financial services industry is typically facing the following challenges today: legacy systems which are hard copy intensive, manual data entry resulting in cost escalation, delay in approval process due to absence of mobility feature in the legacy process, lack of visibility & control of the invoice process. ELIPO is equipped with product features which can address these challenges and help you in achieving significant business benefits in terms of time & cost savings.


The manufacturing industry has to deal with a high number of invoices, which can get troublesome as the manual AP process is fragmented and is very complex. ELIPO can be that genie you always wished for who can help you standardize your AP process as well as deliver the much desired efficiency. ELIPO will work 24/7 to take away all your AP worries.


The healthcare industry is a sensitive one when it comes to data. Visibility into the AP system becomes the top priority, especially when dealing with a large number of vendors. Manual data entry can eat away precious time which could be used elsewhere. ELIPO can help you solve all such problems while making your AP process robust as well as efficient.


One of the biggest challenges of the automotive sector is Just-in-Time manufacturing. This can be achieved by working closely with the suppliers. Each supplier is important and maintaining a healthy relationship with them is paramount but this should also be cost effective. ELIPO, with its supplier portal will give them the required visibility and make sure that all your invoices are in one place for you to track, search, process and ensure timely & accurate payments to your suppliers.


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