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Features of ELIPO

State of the Art Technology

AI and ML based technology to scan and extract invoice data automatically. It’s an AI-powered vendor invoice processing software

Customizable Approval Flow

Flexi and easy customizable-approval flow engine to design approval flows with predefined timelines

Configurable Business Rules

Manage account payable process automatically using configurable business rules

Unified Digital Cockpit

A ‘Unified Digital Cockpit’ shows invoices to be processed and invoices under process & supporting documents required for approval

Generate Reports

Various reports can be generated for Management Review and to analyze the current state of the process

Detect Duplicate Invoices

Is able to quickly handle and detect suspected duplicate invoices


PEOL contributions, especially those of Prashant’s, to the ATB project are greatly appreciated. They always paid very great attention to detail and performed excellent analysis to fully understand the issue and implement the best solution. Throughout the project they were relied on as key point people with analysis, development and support activities. They always carried themselves very professionally and delivered quality work on tight timelines.

Caley Hearn
Senior Manager – IT Channels and Payments
ATB Financials


Just wanted to share some feedback on the 3 ui5 developers who are working with us in the project. Their knowledge levels are quite good , they are highly committed and very adaptable to change. They are contributing significantly to the success of the project. It is a pleasure to have them as part of the team.

Ravi Natarajan
Chief Architect, SAP Active Global Support 
SAP India


We have received very positive feedback of your team’s code and performance for the objects completed. Marcel from SAP AG is the Solution Architect for …project and direct input from him is very much appreciated. Keep up the good work.

Sujeet Shivaiah
CRM Line Manager, SAP SDC


I really appreciate the hard work you have been continuously doing and you guys really stepped up when we were in soup. Your dedication and commitment to your craft was highlighted in last 36 hours. I feel proud to be associated with you guys. I owe you guys one. Once we get some leisure days the party is on me

Sarang Pawar
SAP India, Govt of Andhra Pradesh (Phase 2) Go-live


Thank you Amit, you worked very hard for 2019.12 release Network features, not only you completed your transaction on time but you also stepped in to resolve issue for other transactions. Your approach to work and never say no attitude is unbeatable. I appreciate your work and everything that you’ve done. Keep up the good work.

Digvijay Jadeja
CIG Product Development


Thank you very much for your contribution in starting the transactions of VMI / Consignment process. I want to highlight your patience and perseverance in addressing the technical challenges faced along with other module activities!!! GREAT JOB!!!

Appreciate all the support extended!! No doubt it has been a roller coaster journey, at the same time hope it has been a great learning as well!!

Chandrashekhar Narayanappa
Ariba Implementation and integration


I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate our PEOL Technical team for their dedication and hard work towards their commitment in delivering the tasks which are assigned to them on the Ariba Implementation. Additionally, they are extending their support in solving the Operational support issues as and when they have been pulled which is really impressive and helping business to close Month-end or Quarter-end activities. Team has gained very good Technical knowledge and are extending their enthusiasm in learning new features (CIG).

I would say that this particular team is an Asset to the Organization. Keep up continuing the good work!

Girish Kumar Saripalli
Ariba Implementation


ELIPO Process Flow

Image and Data Capture

  • Incoming invoice via mail/paper
  • Invoice cockpit for invoice processing
  • AI & ML based invoice data extraction


Validate Data

  • Invoice data captured in respective fields
  • Review data for accuracy
  • Modify incorrect or missing data easily

Apply Business Rules

  • System checks for duplicates
  • Validate against the rules defined by DIA engine

Post Invoice

  • Trigger workflow for approval
  • Invoices posted to ERP – Accounts Payable

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What is ELIPO?

ELIPO is an AI-powered Vendor invoice processing software designed for the Accounts Payable team to process all incoming invoices automatically.

Does ELIPO use AI technology to capture invoice data?

Yes, ELIPO automatically captures your invoice data with superior accuracy.

How does ELIPO handle approvals and verifications?

With a detailed audit trail of invoices in the invoice cockpit, its easy for users to approve invoices or provide additional information.

Does ELIPO software work with other systems?

With ELIPO, API integrations are made to ensure constant data flow between the integrated systems.

Can ELIPO be implemented on-premises?

We do not offer on-prem solutions to ensure secure, scalable services with high level of security as cloud is the most reliable medium.

Does ELIPO Support 3 way match?

Yes, ELIPO supports 3 way match as it is tightly integrated with ERP.


Does ELIPO support multicurrency?

Yes, ELIPO is compatible with muticurrency feature.


Can ELIPO be customized to my needs?

Yes, ELIPO IS flexible, scalable and can be customized to your needs.


What Language does ELIPO Support?

ELIPO supports english invoices as of now.


How does ELIPO handle fields that differ in format among various organisations?

ELIPO is flexible and can be customized to your needs.


How does ELIPO work, if there is a difference between the quantity mentioned in PO and invoices raised?

There will be error notification in ELIPO and this will be in real time.


About Us

ELIPO, a product of PEOL Technologies that helps automate your manual invoice process. We are a passionate, dedicated and hardworking team that believes in empowering people through technology. Our main priority is the success of our customers. Our multi-talented consultants always go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are happy


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