Express Lane Invoice Processing Orbit

Product Features of ELIPO

Peace of Mind Execution

ELIPO is packed with features & processes to make your AP operations fast smooth and hassle free so that you can focus on the AP strategy.

Key features

Approval Workflow Design, Configurable Business Rules, Unified Digital Cockpit, Fraud Detection, Mobile Approval and many more.

ELIPO Process Flow

Image and Data Capture

Incoming invoice via mail/paper

Invoice cockpit for invoice processing

OCR - Extract/Read invoice data

Validate Data

Invoice data captured in respective fields

Review data for accuracy

Modify incorrect or missing data easily

Apply Business Rules

System checks for duplicates

Validate against the rules defined by DIA engine

Post Invoice

Trigger workflow for approval

Invoices posted to ERP - Accounts Payable

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Features of ELIPO

State of Art Technology

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to scan and extract invoice data automatically. Further automation is achieved using Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Customizable Approval Flow

Flexi and easy customizable-approval flow engine to design approval flows with predefined timelines

Configurable Business Rules

Manage Account payable process automatically using configurable business rules

Unified Digital Cockpit

A ‘Unified Digital Cockpit’ shows invoices to be processed and invoices under process & supporting documents required for approval

Generate Reports

Various reports can be generated for Management Review and to analyze the current state of the process

Detect Duplicate Invoices

Is able to quickly handle and detect suspected duplicate invoices

Match Invoice against PO

Collaborates with other databases and matches invoices against Purchase Orders (PO)

Handle Exceptions

Allows handling of any exception that may arise at any stage of the workflow

Visibility & Collaboration

Stakeholders can access invoices, collaborate to resolve problems, and re-route invoices for approval

Seamless Integration with ERP

Seamless and tight integration with ERP’ AP processes

Cloud Hosting

Hosted on AWS Cloud with AWS Security features

Shared Services

Allows the user to approve invoices on any device –¬† iPhone, iPad, Android, laptop

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