The world of science is forever evolving. Every single day is an innovation in the world of science and technology. In recent history, the growing businesses have experienced significant changes due to the emerging new tech trends that are taking the efficiency level of the companies to another level.

State-of-the-art technology is one such tech trend that has been brought to the spotlight recently.

What is the ‘state-of-the-art’ technology?

The term “state-of-the-art technology” also known as “cutting-edge” technology refers to modern technology expressed in tools or practices that, when used in a large facility, will significantly lower the likelihood of a discharge. The technology must have proven itself at a comparable facility to be dependable in commercial operation or in a pilot operation on a scale big enough to be converted into commercial operation. It represents an advancement in the reduction of leaks or discharges. The technology must be provided to the public for a reasonable price corresponding with the decrease in leak or discharge probability achieved, or be otherwise available for a reasonable price commensurate with the reduction in leak or discharge probability achieved.

What are the types of state-of-the-art technology?

There are several types of state-of-art technologies that are commonly used in the industry.


The replication of human intelligence functions by machines, particularly computer systems, is known as artificial intelligence. Expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition, and machine vision are some examples of specific AI applications.

A vast volume of labeled training data is typically ingested by AI systems, which then examine the data for correlations and patterns before employing these patterns to forecast future states. By studying millions of instances, an image recognition tool can learn to recognize and describe objects in photographs, just as a chatbot that is given examples of text chats can learn to make lifelike exchanges with people.


Software called robotic process automation (RPA) makes it simple to create, use, and manage software robots that mimic how people interact with computers and software. Software robots are capable of performing a wide range of predefined tasks, including understanding what is on a screen, making the appropriate keystrokes, navigating systems, and extracting and identifying data. But without the need to stand up and stretch or take a coffee break, software robots can execute it more quickly and consistently than humans.

Workflows are streamlined through robotic process automation, which helps businesses become more profitable, adaptable, and responsive. By reducing menial duties from their workdays, it also boosts employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity.


Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR) is considered to be an industry resolution for automating data extraction from a written or printed text from a scanned document or image file and then transforming the text into a machine-readable form in order to use in data processing like editing or searching.

OCR technology is frequently used to automatically convert image-based files like PDFs, TIFFs, and JPGs into text-based, machine-readable files – digital documents that have been OCR-processed, including invoices, contracts, financial statements, and more.

Features of state of art technology

Listed below are some unique features of the state-of-the-art technology.

• High-level accuracy
• Grants visibility across the process
• Provides collaborative workspaces
• Digitized data entry solutions
• Data extraction and conversion
• Privacy and security
• Supports structured and unstructured data

How ELIPO can help you?

ELIPO is a customizable Vendor Invoice Automation software that is powered by state-of-art technology. With the use of AI, it can extract, convert, and process your Invoice Processing. ELIPO seeks to bridge the gap between you and your vendors by assisting you with invoice processing procedures while ensuring visibility, accuracy, productivity, and saving your time. As one of the major software that uses state-of-art technology, ELIPO ensures that you work with the best up-to-date tech solution.

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